Automatic Thought Record

What are "automatic thoughts?"

This short interactive quiz is based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercise, and will help you use your rational thinking to overcome your emotional thinking.

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What do you feel in your body?

Example: "My neck is tense and I feel nauseated."

What's your automatic thought?

...and what percentage does it feel true, from 0 - 100%?
Example: "I'm doing a terrible job at work - 90%"

What emotions do you feel?

List all your emotions and what percentage intensity you feel them; include even the ones you barely feel.
Example: "Anxious 95%, overwhelmed 100%, hope 5%"

What is the evidence that the thought is true?

Example: "I got some negative feedback from my boss about the last project"

What is the evidence that it's not true?

If there's an alternative explanation, you can list that here, too.
Example: "I did a good job running meetings this week. Also an alternative explanation for how I feel is that I've been sleep-deprived, and that colors my perception of how I'm doing."

What's the worst-case scenario?

Example: "I lose my job and have trouble finding another one."

What's the best-case scenario?

Example: "I'm actually doing great and I get promoted."

What's the most realistic scenario?

Example: "I learn from the critical feedback I received and make improvements."

If a friend were having this thought, what would you tell them?


How true does your Automatic Thought seem now?

(from 0 - 100%)

What emotions do you feel now?

List them all, with percentage intensity.
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