Applied to speak at Grace Hopper Conference!

Even if I don’t get accepted to speak, I’m so glad to finally overcome this hurdle. I love speaking off the cuff to even very large groups of people, but get a little nervous when it’s a prepared talk. That’s why I joined Toastmasters in December, and that’s why I applied to speak. I have a message I want to share, and the nerves are just so trivial in comparison.

The workshop I applied to present is “Getting the Glass to Half Full: Managing Your Moods in the Workplace.” It would be a V2 of a workshop I conducted at Zoosk. It takes mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and rolls it all up with my own personal experience in using specific tools to help with getting my moods under control at work. I now am a pretty positive force in the workplace, and can handle the ups and downs of being a manager with a pretty even keel — but it wasn’t always that way. I used to be a lot moodier, distressed by conflict, and upset when new situations arose. Now I might sometimes have those reactions a little bit, but if the negative feelings come up I now know how to handle them. I hope I get to share what I’ve learned with other people, and even if we don’t get accepted at GHC, I look forward to giving this workshop at my (new and awesome) workplace, Workday.

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