Grace Hopper, here I come!

I’ve wanted to speak at a conference since the first An Event Apart (awesome web conference from A List Apart people) I attended about a decade ago. With that goal in mind, I joined Toastmasters last December to build my confidence.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m conducting a workshop at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing this year, along with two other women. Go big or go home! It’s a conference with 18,000 women in attendance and our room can hold 360 people. With good luck, anyway. The workshop is on a topic I’ve shared before: managing moods in the workplace. I believe my co-facilitators and I can make an impact here – so many people go through their daily lives buffeted by emotions, but with no specific tools to help manage them and keep them in check. I have developed a set of tools (built with mediocre javascript) that I think can make a difference:

If you’re going to be at Grace Hopper, come check us out! We’ll be presenting on Friday, Oct 6 at noon in Hyatt Orlando Ballroom L and the official name is “CR111: Getting the Glass to Half-Full: Managing Your Moods at Work.”


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