One page Javascript Quiz with Summary Page

I’ve decided to devote two nights a week to working on a side project. The first iteration will be very simple: a one page JS quiz/worksheet with a summary page at the end.  The only problem is that I have forgotten more Javascript than I currently know, and all of the 1-page quiz tutorials I’ve seen on the internet involve a simple script that calculates points. I want to make something that collects data in a series of steps and then presents it in a summary page at the end. So… looks like I’ll be making it from scratch instead of cheating.

My process will be:

  1. Write all of the HTML and some basic CSS
  2. Use JS to hide/show the appropriate dom during each step
  3. Panic when I realize I have no idea how to deal with saving the data and showing it on the summary page
  4. Read books that will arrive Tuesday (“Javascript: The Good Parts” and “Javascript Web Applications”)
  5. Start over and code this the right way

This JS quiz might take months, but hopefully I’ll know a lot more Javascript by then.

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