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Thoughts on women in tech

My blog has been neglected because I’ve been so busy running the Women’s Javascript Study Group and doing related networking. O’Reilly wants to give us books! Women 2.0 wants to help out! And Women Who Code is going to be our parent group! This feel-good buzz around women in tech …

Yay for women in tech!

With Zoosk’s support, my colleague Kristin & I are starting a Women’s Javascript Study Group.  I blogged about it on Zoosk’s Engineering Blog — it’s for both beginners and more experienced folk, and we’ll focus on learning vanilla JS and sharing new findings with each other.

On Plumbers & Persuading Stakeholders

Just spent a few amazing days at An Event Apart Austin.  I got into many fun conversations, but I got to thinking about one in particular this morning…. I brought up the issue of persuading stakeholders to adopt certain practices with Jeremy Keith, and suggested it might be a good …

CSS3 iPhone-y toggle

In order to have an iOS-style toggle that scales nicely, I used a simple media query and a CSS3 widget for my company’s touch site.  Here’s an adaptation of it with my own Javascript; feel free to reuse the code as you wish.  The JS listens for clicks on the …

Quick test: button vs input on mobile

I searched the internet for whether the button tag would cause the virtual keyboard to show “Go” like an input type=submit, and found not much.  So the quick answer?  Yes, it does!  I checked Android 2.2.1 and iOS 4. …And here’s an old but good article about button.

Automatic Thought Record Quiz

My motivation for hacking together this Javascript quiz was to be able to create an interactive version of a mental health tool called an “Automatic Thought Record”. It’s a cognitive behavioral therapy worksheet that can be useful to anyone who experiences untrue negative thoughts (which is almost everyone!); it uses …

Multi-step Javascript quiz/survey with summary page

I have now hacked together my quiz.  The code is no thing of beauty, but it works — and that’s exciting.  I will now set this aside and work on building my actual programming skills and coding Javascript in something that could be considered the proper way.

Faking it until I make it [right]

I started reading Eloquent Javascript, which seems like a very well-written tutorial with a lot of programming fundamentals…. but I got frustrated with putting my project on hold.  I think there’s something to be said for hacking some code and getting something out, and then taking time to refactor and …