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Zoosk UX Team Blog

The Zoosk UX Team now has it’s very own blog! In our first post, we discuss our design principles. Good designs, to us, are: Clear and familiar When things are easy and intuitive, people are comfortable and free to enjoy themselves. Clear and consistent experiences help Zoosk’s members become experts …

On Plumbers & Persuading Stakeholders

Just spent a few amazing days at An Event Apart Austin.  I got into many fun conversations, but I got to thinking about one in particular this morning…. I brought up the issue of persuading stakeholders to adopt certain practices with Jeremy Keith, and suggested it might be a good …

Multi-step Javascript quiz/survey with summary page

I have now hacked together my quiz.  The code is no thing of beauty, but it works — and that’s exciting.  I will now set this aside and work on building my actual programming skills and coding Javascript in something that could be considered the proper way.

Faking it until I make it [right]

I started reading Eloquent Javascript, which seems like a very well-written tutorial with a lot of programming fundamentals…. but I got frustrated with putting my project on hold.  I think there’s something to be said for hacking some code and getting something out, and then taking time to refactor and …